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Offsite-centric delivery methods create new challenges and require new tools. Learn how much your organization can save by leveraging KatalystDI. 

What is KatalystDI? 

Construction Supply Chain mapping and management software



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Our services group helps you make the most out of the KatalystDI platform.


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CEO of Katalyst DI, Brett Rogers, joins DCAC Revolution to discuss how KatalystDI helps customers improve the way they manage their supply chain and off-site production. 

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Consulting Services

Supply Chain Mapping

Hundreds, and sometimes thousands of suppliers are responsible for projects today. Each of your suppliers has their own systems and processes for data management. Our Customer Success Team can help you connect those dots.

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Supplier Directory Integrations 

KatalystDI operates as a complementary system to your other tools. KDI provides the anchors to cross-integrate your supplier directory with external systems such as design libraries, MCAD and BIM platforms, PLM, MRP/ERP, logistics systems, and other enterprise platforms. 

Katalyst’s customer success teams help with setup and integration of these systems and where systems don’t exist structure the workflows to engage your supply partners within the platform.

Supply Chain Mapping

During our implementation process our team maps your deconstructed Bill of Materials (BOM) to your supplier library. In addition, we provide train the trainer sessions for designated super users so that your project members will be able to use and maintain the system. 

Workflow Configuration

Our team will help you analyze your existing work processes and use our analysis to configure workflows in KatalystDI. We concentrate on automating repetitive administrative tasks such as requesting status updates and providing notifications to relevant team members on key dates so you can concentrate on higher value work. 

Alert Creation

KatalystDI is built to bring relevant supply chain information to your attention so you can take appropriate actions. Out consultant team will work with you to understand how you deal with supply chain disruption today, then build appropriate alerts in the system to notify key individuals such as project managers, procurement, and other teams in the event of a supply chain disruption.

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Explore how our services team can help you optimize your construction supply chain.


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