Supply Chain Management in Construction.  

Our Customer Success Team helps you make the most of your KatalystDI investment by integrating your business processes, designs, and other data into your new tools. 

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Supply Chain Strategy 

Our Customer Success Team is composed of industry experienced professionals recruited from leading companies such as Skanska, Shell, Tesla, Google, and AECOM. 

Package Library Setup

Our team offers full stack support. If you are just getting started we can help organize your projects into work packages or help you import project data you already have 

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Supply Chain Mapping

Mapping your supply chain to an organized Bill of Materials is essential to understand pinch points in your projects. Our team is there to help you integrate with your supplier management system.

Workflow Creation

Well designed workflows automate repetitive administrative tasks freeing your team up to concentrate on more important tasks. Our team can help you configure workflows and processes to match your organization's current business logic. 

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Systems Integration & Dashboard Creation

Our software and data team can help you integrate with other tools you are already using. We use the power of Palantir Foundry as a visualization engine so you can manage all of your relevant supply chain analytics in a single unified place. 


About KatalystDI

What is KatalystDI?

Katalyst.DI is a collaborative platform aimed at helping to digitally transform and integrate the construction supply chain.  It connects owners, engineers, contractors, offsite integrators, and suppliers to automate data exchange and collaboration. The technology extends and links existing design libraries, MCAD and BIM platforms, PLM, MRP/ERP, and logistics systems to provide a single end-to-end record set for supply chain data exchange and analytics, while eliminating redundant manual tasks.

What other tools integrate with KatalystDI?

Any tool that has an API connection or a way to export data can be integrated with KatalystDI.KatalystDI uses the power of Palantir Foundry to build connections between it and your key systems. This allows of open ingestion of all types of data and eliminates the need for error prone manual data imports. 

How can I access KatalystDI?

You can access KatalystDI from any computer system that has an internet connection and a web browser. We recommend KatalystDI be used on a tablet size screen at minimum as our user interfaces are designed to be read at larger screen sizes. 

What are the differences between your plan levels?

We offer three levels of plan: 

1. KatalystDI Clarity is most often used by material suppliers. It offers a 1000 product library for unlimited users and up to 5 customer project connections. This level of plan is perfect for any organization that wants to be able to send automated lead time updates to customers and collaborate on documentation delivery. 

2.KatalystDI Insight is a package level license and includes 1 work package with an unlimited number of suppliers. This license level is designed with constructors such as integrators, general contractors, and EPCs in mind. 

3. Our Enterprise level Empower plans are customized to your organization. Enterprise plans are designed with your team's needs in mind and can include unlimited projects, packages, and partner integrations. 

How do I implement KatalystDI

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ImplementingKatalystDI follows a simple 4 step process detailed in the video above: 

1. We start with your design data such as BIM, specifications, vendors, and project schedule. 

2. Your projects or work packages are organized and structured into products ready for integration with your suppliers. 

3. You invite your suppliers to collaborate on your new system in order to provide detailed supply chain information needed for each product. 

4. KDI automates the flow of information between products and suppliers so your team can plan and execute your projects with a fully integrated supply chain.


Explore how our services team can help you optimize your construction supply team.