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project teams

Predictable construction for project teams

Organize your project scope into work packages to face your supply chains, schedule contractors & subs, then hit your deadlines.

Build with predictability.

66% of project teams face additional project costs on the majority of their projects due to schedule slippage. KatalystDI is a central hub to organize and share documents, standards, instructions, and more with stakeholders inside and outside your organization. 
Build Organization
Build Organization Organize your project into packages ranging from complex, such as an entire building; to simple such as structural steel.
Enable Collaboration
Enable Collaboration Each package contains or links to all relevant design and documentation data that your production and installation partners need.
Create Transparency
Create Transparency Centralize supply chain management and information exchange to create transparency between with your suppliers.
Learn & Improve
Learn & Improve

Centralize closed looped learning when closing projects your team can learn from what went right and improve on what went wrong.

Construction Supply Chain Management Software

KatalystDI features a user-friendly interface to provide up-to-date supply chain status information for improved decision-making. It integrates your existing tech stack to bring together internal and external stakeholders in a central hub to collaborate on your projects.

KatalystDI applications for Project Teams

Supply chain centric work packaging
RFI/RFP Submittal Tracking
Project Scheduling
Subcontract & PO planning, execution, and status tracking
Off-site / On-site Data Handoff
Closed Loop Learning

KatalystDI Project

Per Project License
Unlimited Packages and Users

Standard on-boarding

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