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Collaborative execution for program teams

Build a culture of improvement in your construction program with KatalystDI. Create a transparent approach to program level health and reporting and collaboratively work with your supply chain partners to achieve the best overall results. 

Build Faster and stay within budget

Modern delivery methods such as industrialized construction create new challenges & require new tools. The key to success is defining packages and their supply chain. These are the connections KatalystDI manages.

Create Repeatability
Create Repeatability Capturing & organizing information creates repeatability across programs delivers 10-30% soft cost savings. 
Optimize Decision Making
Optimize Decision Making Access to more accurate, direct, and up to data data enables proper timing and analysis of decisions and commitment.
Build Operational Efficiency
Build Operational Efficiency Centralizing supply chain management and information exchange has proven to reduce project labor burden.
Enable Scalability
Enable Scalability

Standardizing supply chain management and offsite production reduces ramp up process for new hires and contract partners

Construction Supply Chain Management Software

KatalystDI leverages the power of collaboration and a user-friendly interface to collaboratively improve project outcomes.

Applications for Program Teams

Enable Supply Chain Transparency
Demonstrate Program Cost & Time Savings
Program Level Project Health Reporting
Scale Your Construction Program
Group 146

KatalystDI Package


10 gb storage

Unlimited users

Free self service on-boarding tools

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