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Applications for Project Owners

We believe the absence of repeatable, defined, and managed supply chains hinders construction programs. KatalystDI is our supply chain mapping and management tool that removes the difficulty in connecting and analyzing your construction supply chains. 

Package_Icon-1 Optimize Increase OFCI/OSM volume to reduce site level labor and resource requirements.
Libraries_Icon-2 Standardize

Create repeatability in planning and executing work.

supply_chain Model Supply Chains

Track key supply chain data such as lead time, inventory, and production statusing.

magnifient glass Build Alignment

Align Procurement, Design, Offsite, and Construction teams into a common data environment.

Intelligence to improve project outcomes.

Optimize and Reduce Headcount

Build more efficiently with the same staff. Easily identify areas where you can leverage an off-site approach to building. Ensure that site installation teams are scheduled accurately and have the information they need (installation plans, site readiness, JHAs, and more) when needed. 

KatalystDI automates routine and repetitive tasks and allows you to organize your project data so you have a single pane of glass view into your construction supply chains. 

Identify cross-supply chain issues automatically
  • Gather supply chain lead times and inventory in an automated manner from key partners.

  • Index of potential supply chain partners to help diversify options.

  • Product substitution option identification for disrupted supply chains.

  • Better visibility into supplier cost stacks and processes to optimize purchasing and planning.

  • Better visibility into OFE/OFCI/CFCI/ONCP overal lead times and the status of high risk components.

Cost Control and Improvement
  • Enable production planning at scale. Optimize project setup and overhead costs. 

  • KatalystDI enables should cost models supported by accurate supply chain modeling.

Promote Continuous Improvement
  • Create a baseline for repeatability across extended partners and projects.

  • Shifts lessons learned to actionable and traceable change at the program level.

  • Lifecycle Management - better manage and control design change related to your Packages across multiple stakeholders - informing organizational “readiness.”

  • Continuous, real-time, automated  programmatic updates and understanding of the supply chain behind OFE/OFCI/CFCI/ONCP programs informing early funding and planning decisions.

Promote Design Re-use
  • Manage an approved Package Catalog for design partners to quickly integrate into specific design efforts. Resulting in faster design start times.

  • Management of Package localization/customization within specific projects.

Seamless Data Exchange

Manage information exchange with supply chain partners to ensure that design and planning decisions are made with defined supply chain data such as inventory and lead time and that the supply chain is informed with the proper Package revisioning and localization plans. Reduces administrative communications and promotes automation of data exchanges.


Learn how KatalystDI can enable faster project delivery on-time & under-budget

Technology Enabled Services

Technology & Consulting

Implementing new ways of working can be difficult. As your projects grow larger and increasingly complex it's essential to find new tools and workflows in order to execute. 


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