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Modular Construction and Package Planning

Offsite-centric and modular delivery methods create new challenges and require new tools. KatalystDI is a central place to manage work packages so you can build with industrialized processes.


Advanced Production Planning tools to enable faster project delivery and lower costs

Industrialization Strategy
Industrialization Strategy

Modular construction innovation starts with a strategy to industrialize your projects. This means implementing a kit-of-parts approach to building so you can move work offsite.

Work Package Development
Work Package Development

The first step is deconstructing work as a nested series of assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts, components, and commodities in the KatalystDI package library.

DFMA Construction Methods
DFMA Construction Methods

Leverage a design for manufacturing and assembly approach to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality.


Offsite and Modular, Managed with KDI
Offsite and Modular, Managed with KDI

The KatalystDI platform is a single source of truth to manage package planning, modular, and off-site construction then share information directly with project partners. 


A platform to manage work packages, offsite, & modular construction

The team behind our modular construction software and services team is made of industry-experienced construction professionals. We can help you create a strategy based on our experience building some of the largest mega-projects in the world. Our team will review and evaluate reference design information, then develop OFCI/CFCI packages for use at a Program level. This includes working with your SMEs to produce specifications and basic design intent drawings.

project teams

Implement modular, off-site, and prefab in your projects

What are the advantages of modular construction & package planning?  

The construction industry is at an inflection point. Construction schedules cannot keep up with demand. Project costs are skyrocketing due to supply chain and labor constraints. An estimated 70% of projects miss on schedule and budget, creating trillions of dollars in impact.

New ways of building can improve quality control, eliminate weather delays, and improve your production process. Prefabrication and modular construction are proven to accelerate project timelines so you can deliver projects faster.



of firms that utilize prefabrication in their construction projects report more efficient delivery. 

- Dodge Data & Analytics

reduction in construction time by utilizing factory built prefab buildings that are transported to the site and assembled.

- Modular Building Institute


Modular Construction Platform Applications

Planning, Design, & Fabrication

Develop work package standards around auxiliary product data such as manufacturing work plans, Bill of Materials (BOMs), logistics, I/O, Install Work Packages, and QA/QC requirements. Our professional services team helps you integrate additional information into your process, such as assembly sequence, transportation, and lift planning all managed through our platform: KatalystDI. 

Identify the right partners for your projects

Always get the right products and materials delivered on-time. Shifting from traditional construction to a modular approach requires the right prefab construction partners. KatalystDI helps you create full Reference Models coded with previously defined data structures so you can segment your work package models to match. Organize pre-vetted vendor partners, then design with your supply chains in mind based on availability, lead times, and your standards. 

Streamline project execution with the right information

KatalystDI is an off-site and modular construction software. The platform stores or syncs all relevant information including construction schedule, information on factory production, construction costs, building materials, project site information, and more. When offsite components are ready for installation, KatalystDI facilitates the handoff of all relevant data. Schedule, project data, and necessary conditions such as site readiness, logistics, site installation plans, and more are linked for easy access. This means your on-site and off-site teams are directly connected and working off the right documents.

Standards Management

Shifting from traditional construction to a modular approach requires the right partners. The KatalystDI application centralizes your standards and allows you to selectively share data with suppliers, then revoke it once you've chosen your project vendors. 


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Learn how KatalystDI can help you manage work packages and move labor off-site.