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Solutions for Systems Integrators

Standardize, learn, repeat. Even when every job is a one-off. Request, receive, and send status updates for orders from suppliers and to your customers. Automate delivery of project documentation, and identify trends so you can make better business decisions. 


Solutions for Integrators

Project Library

Manage Customer approved project specific Fabrication, Assembly, and BOM data with greater fidelity.

Package_Icon-1 Package Library

Organize and manage packages to make it easier to start from previous designs.

supply_chain Supply Chain Modeling

Connect your suppliers with your Bill of Materials and use workflows to automate status updates.

Conection_Icon-1 Supply chain connectivity

Ensure that design and planning decisions are informed by your supply chains.


Intelligence to improve operations.

Automate Lead Time Collection
  • Gather supply chain lead times and inventory in an automated manner from key partners.
  • Index of potential supply chain partners to help diversify options.
  • Product substitution option identification for disrupted supply chains.
Supply Chain Transparency
  • Better visibility into sub-supplier cost stacks and processes to optimize purchasing and planning.
  • OFE/OFCI/CFCI/ONCP lead times and status of high-risk components.
  • Identification and management of Bulk Aggregate purchase opportunities at both order and program levels.
Promote Continuous Improvement
  • Organize and manage Program Level Customer packages to drive repeatability and enhanced value.

  • Catalog component assemblies and fabrications (enclosures, stairs, interconnect kits) to promote re-use across multiple Packages.

  • Continuous, real-time, automated  programmatic updates and understanding of the supply chain behind OFE/OFCI/CFCI/ONCP programs informing early funding and planning decisions.

  • Better receive and understand design change related to your assigned Packages.

Promote Design Re-use
  • Manage your Customer approved project specific Package Catalog allowing for better managed Package Fabrication, Assembly, and BOM data with more controls to promote re-use and shift to repeatability and manufacturing.
  • Clone, then localize or customize your packages to be deployed to a different location with appropriate changes. 
Seamless Data Exchange

Manage information exchange with your Owners and supply chain partners to ensure that design and planning decisions are made with defined supply chain data such as inventory and lead time and that the supply chain is informed with the proper Package revisioning and localization plans. 

  • Reduce administrative communications and promote automation of data exchanges with your customers.
  • Offer your customers an enhanced experience by using the platform to provide access and transparency to more valuable and timely data specific to their orders and programs.
  • Utilize a single common collaborative environment to ensure your supply chain is working to the correct Package plans, scope, and revision for the correct order.

How our tool works with yours.

KDI is a complementary system to many of the tools you are already using. Our backend technology merges information from different systems with different taxonomies so you can view your data in a meaningful way to identify areas of concern in your supply chain.

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