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Design for Supply Chain

Optimize your designs while taking supply chain considerations into account. Share data with product stakeholders, and ensure you specify the correct equipment by understanding true lead times and availability.

Design in harmony with owners and contractors

Create Repeatability
Create Repeatability

Organizing your designs creates repeatability across projects and reduces startup overhead.

Enable Collaboration
Enable Collaboration

Build collaboration into your practice through shorter feedback iteration loops and transparent decision making processes. 

Optimize Decision Making
Optimize Decision Making Access to more accurate, direct, and up to date data allows you to design with supply chain constraints in mind. 
Data Sharing Efficiency
Data Sharing Efficiency Centralizing design documentation and information exchange reduces loss of fidelity when sharing data. 

Share design data directly with on-site staff who will need it

KatalystDI is a central hub to link and share design, production, and installation data with project owners and contractors. Utilize workflows to instantly share files with those who will be responsible for fabrication or installation and remove uncertainties that may occur after design.


KatalystDI applications for Architects, Engineers, & Designers

Share designs, specifications, and drawings with suppliers
Design exactly to your customer specifications
Incorporate constructability feedback into designs
Review & incorporate closed-loop-learning
Hand-off design data to project teams
Create an internal practice of design reuse
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KatalystDI Package


Up to 1000 products

Up to 5 packages

Free self service on-boarding tools