We are all about culture. 

We're a team of self-motivated and directed individuals committed to transforming global infrastructure delivery. We also believe that work should be somewhere you personally thrive, where you learn something new every day. We thrive on challenging ourselves. Learn more about what makes working at KatalystDI unique.

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We believe projects can be more predictable, cost-effective, and quickly executed. 

Our mission is to optimize global access to best-in-class infrastructure by focusing on productization and an integrated, intelligent, global supply chain. We do that through the integration of technology, manufacturing, and supply chain principles.

KatalystDI Values


  • Uncompromising ethics

  • Acting with empathy

  • Respecting and learning from diverse perspectives

  • Thinking and acting on KDI’s behalf, however difficult


  • Learning rapidly and eagerly

  • Making connections others miss

  • Doing large amounts of impactful work

  • Thriving on endless adaptation


  • Communicating with passion

  • Embracing the hard work that comes with our opportunity

  • Continuously challenging each other and the world


What our employees say

“Understanding one another has become a strength as we are coming together to solve a diverse, variable, and enormously robust problem. It's rare to have a team so aware that the space and culture they uphold is a critical key to success.”

"Its an incredibly exciting, challenging and rewarding place to work! Our team is diverse in thought, approach and experience."

“It's really cool and engaging to be a part of a company that's in the midst of a lot of growth and change, and a part of a team that is welcoming and inclusive!”

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