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KDI user journey


Define a collaborative scope

Invite collaborators to work cross functionally to define scopes, align with project teams, and gather market intelligence


Make informed decisions

Make informed procurement decisions at scale with market and program data points


Create a procurement log

Upload an Excel based procurement log, equipment schedule, or create from scratch


Track production and logistics

Let the KDI platform keep an eye on production and logistics statuses to mantain alignment with projects

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Intelligent procurement log

Real-time visibility

Track procurement status, ensuring actionable steps for timely order placement

Supply chain insights

Access lead times, cost, inventory and location data within a project 

Portfolio data

Leverage data from past and current projects within the same Programs/Portfolio

Inventory management

Support informed and efficient planning and purchase processes for related packages

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Package management

Centralized package management

Consolidate packages for streamlined
workflow and improved coordination

Simplified ordering

Track orders for material with ease, ensuring efficient procurement

Seamless collaboration

Collaborate with team suppliers, and subcontractors for smooth package coordination and timely delivery

Production & logistics tracking

Real-time production tracking

Gain visibility into production progress, ensuring timely completion and identifying bottlenecks

Efficient logistics management

Track material movement throughout the supply chain, minimizing delays and optimizing delivery schedules

Seamless workflow integration

Integrate production and logistics tracking with project management, streamlining execution

Proactive issue resolution

Identify production or logistics issues early, enabling timely interventions and preventing disruptions

Program and portfolio intelligence/reporting

Streamlined workflows & reporting

Seamlessly navigate and stay on track with our comprehensive tool, including real-time notifications and an actionable workbench

Optimized procurement

Identify cost-saving bulk buying opportunities and streamline vendor management across multiple projects

Risk mitigation

Proactively identify and address critical risks at the portfolio and project level, leveraging historical data for knowledge capture and risk mitigation

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