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Make construction supply chains transparent,
and data-driven

A simple platform to align project, procurement, and
supply chain partners


Helping owners, general contractors and suppliers

Optimize procurement plans

Efficient procurement planning is crucial for successful construction projects

Industrialize delivery models

Companies can achieve greater efficiency and improve the quality and safety of their projects

Improve predictability

Construction projects can become more efficient, predictable, and successful

Unleashing efficiency and empowering teams

Streamlined procurement and supply chain operations

KatalystDI's platform is designed to integrate and optimize your construction project's procurement and supply chain workflows, saving your team valuable time and significantly reducing inefficiencies

Real-time data-driven insights and analytics

By leveraging a modern technology stack, KatalystDI provides advanced analytics and insights, helping you make informed decisions that improve project outcomes and bottom line

Enhanced collaboration and alignment

KatalystDI offers a unique collaboration environment with role and package-based permissioning. This enables effective coordination among all project stakeholders, fostering a more productive and efficient project execution


Ready to transform your business?

Request a demo today and find out how KatalystDI can help you transform your procurement and supply chain management

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