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What is KatalystDI? 

Construction Supply Chain mapping and management software



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CEO of Katalyst DI, Brett Rogers, joins DCAC Revolution to discuss how KatalystDI helps customers improve the way they manage their supply chain and off-site production. 

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Predictable Construction requires Predictable Supply Chains

KatalystDI is a platform that helps Owners and Contractors collaboratively plan, implement, and manage offsite, modular, and prefab strategies.


A collaborative supply chain management tool for all construction stakeholders.


The future of construction is rapidly taking shape. 

We live in a world where construction outcomes are rarely predictable, construction capacity cannot keep up with exponentially increasing demands. This requires a new way of building. An estimated 70% of projects miss on schedule and budget, creating trillions of dollars in impact.


$31.3 billion

of megaprojects around the globe are 40% or more behind schedule.

- McKinsey

in rework was caused by poor project data and miscommunication in the U.S. alone in 2018.

- Autodesk & FMI

How KatalystDI Works

1. Upload Your Projects

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Load or Link model(s), then upload your Bill of Materials

  • Create a single, or multiple work packages for your project and upload your Bill of Materials.
  • Structure your BOMs into Sub Assemblies, Fabrication drawings, parts, components, or other units to better understand supply chain and cost stack.
  • Convert select packages to subpackages to facilitate data collection at those levels.
2. Map your supply chains

crane laptop white-png

Map your Bill of Materials to Suppliers. 

  • Map out the items in your BOM to one or many suppliers. 
  • Add current lead times to visualize items that may cause project schedule delays.
  • Manual data updates are included with our Free Plan. For paid plans our team can setup automated data collection from Collaborators who are associated Supplier Contacts.
3. Integrate your suppliers

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Invite suppliers to collaborate

  • Invite suppliers to collaborate on the platform for free. 
  • Find product substitution opportunities for disrupted supply chains. 
  • Request lead time updates on an automated or manual basis. 
  • Update your project when lead times change and identify issues in the project schedule as early as possible. 
4. Automate Data Exchange

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Integrate with your other tools

KatalystDI can integrate with any enterprise tool that has API access. Examples of platforms we have integrated with include: Primavera P6, SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk BIM360, Procore, and SmartPlant. 

5. Provide or request updates

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Automatically provide and request updates

Offer your customers an enhanced experience by using IB.AI to provide access and transparency to more valuable and timely data specific to their orders and programs. Provide real-time automated project updates to your customers and request them from suppliers. Our system eliminates the manual effort spent searching through project spreadsheets to ensure that everything is on schedule before hitting send.

6. Analyze Your Data

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Analyze Supply Chain performance and identify areas for improvement. 

Manage information exchange with supply chain partners to ensure that design and planning decisions are made with defined supply chain data such as inventory and lead time and that the supply chain is informed with the proper Package revisioning and localization plans. 


See how KatalystDI can simplify your construction program

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KatalystDI Package

10 gb storage
Unlimited Users
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KatalystDI Enterprise

Unlimited Packages
Unlimited Projects
Enhanced On-boarding


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About KatalystDI

What is KatalystDI? KDI is a collaborative platform aimed at helping to digitally transform and integrate the construction supply chain.  It connects owners, engineers, contractors, offsite integrators, and suppliers to automate data exchange and collaboration. The technology extends and links existing design libraries, MCAD and BIM platforms, PLM, MRP/ERP, and logistics systems to provide a single end-to-end record set for supply chain data exchange and analytics, while eliminating redundant manual tasks.
What other tools integrate with KDI? Any tool that has an API connection or a way to export data can be integrated with KDI. KDI uses the power of Palantir Foundry to build connections between it and your key systems. This allows of open ingestion of all types of data and eliminates the need for error prone manual data imports.
How can I access KDI? You can access KDI from any computer system that has an internet connection and a web browser. We recommend KDI be used on a tablet size screen at minimum as our user interfaces are designed to be read at larger screen sizes.
What are the differences between your plan levels?

Our free Package Library organizes your design and non-design data to face the supply chain. KDI Package is free to get started so that your organization can work to start implementing a modular or off-site construction strategy. Our free plan features self-service on-boarding where your staff can leverage guides, training, and other documentation from our knowledge base to quickly get started. 

KatalystDI Project is a paid license that allows you to leverage work packages stored in the package library on projects. KatalystDI project features workflows to support package reuse from previous projects, incorporate feedback, and automate lead time and production status tracking. KatalystDI. This plan comes with standard on-boarding and includes a dedicated industry experienced SME from our customer success team who will ensure deployment of the tool is a success. 

KatalystDI Enterprise is our most powerful license level. Enterprise plans allow unlimited data storage, unlimited package and projects, and features a white-globe on-boarding service including dedicated services hours. Enterprise is the perfect solution for owners with a large or global footprint, or general contractors who need dedicated consulting support to implement off-site or modular construction in their work processes. 

How do I implement KDI?

Implementing KatalystDI can be handled by your staff or ours depending on your license level. Regardless of whether you choose to build your own library or work with our customer success team, implementation follows the same 4 step process:  

1. We start with your design data such as BIM, specifications, vendors, and project schedule.  

2. Your projects or work packages are organized and structured into products ready for integration with your suppliers.  

3. You invite your suppliers to collaborate on your new system in order to provide detailed supply chain information needed for each product.

4. KDI automates the flow of information between products and suppliers so your team can plan and execute your projects with a fully integrated supply chain.

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